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    Avant-Garde Therapy for Intractable Diseases

    The World’s First PEGylated Bilirubin Technology



Our Technology


Our Identity

Bilix is established based on the world’s first PEGylated bilirubin platform technology to produce numerous “First in Class” in anti-inflammatory and “Best in Class” in cancer therapy drugs in addition to achieving other business platform such as contrast agents for cancer diagnostics, and theranostics.

Ingenious Platform with PEGylated Bilirubin

OPTA(One Platform Targets all) Platform is based on a proprietary technology and can be used to cure many intractable inflammatory diseases. It also can be developed into a highly potent and less toxic anti-cancer drug delivery system and other theranostics applications.

Latest news

아시아경제TV 방송

아시아경제TV 방송-변화와 혁신을 통한 차별화된 신약개발

투자유치 IR_빌리루빈 나노 플랫폼 기술 기반 치료제_빌릭스

보건산업혁신창업센터의 제 4회 KBIC 스타데이 신약 개발 기업 (주)빌릭스의 IR영상입니다. 빌리루빈 나노 플랫폼 기술 기반 치료제에 대해 소개합니다. 전세계 최초 빌리루빈 화학 합성에 성공한 “(주)빌릭스” 나노입자 자체: BRIXELLE-INFLA 항염증 치료제

빌릭스, ‘빌리루빈’ 전합성 성공..”의약품 개발 본격화”

빌리루빈, 극소수성-동물혈액 유래 한계 극복..급·만성 염증, 면역질환 타깃 국내 신약개발기업 빌릭스가 생체 유래 성분 ‘빌리루빈(Bilirubin)’의 전합성 개발에 성공했다. 급성 및 만성 염증과 면역 질환에 효과를 입증하는 많은 연구에도 불구하고 극소수성과


We work closely with our collaborators in all aspects of drug development and commercialization including research organizations, clinical development entities, hospitals, intellectual property experts, patient advocate groups, and governments. Our ambition is to improve patient health and care. If you are interested in collaborating with us, please contact us.